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Fire and Life Safety Services in Crosby, MN

Do you require fire protection, life safety and security services in Crosby?

For 40 years, LVC Companies has offered protection services to institutional, government, commercial and industrial clients. We know how devastating a fire or a criminal break-in can be to your workplace in Crosby, which is why we make use of the most advanced life safety and security systems to protect your employees, your clients and your assets.

Fire Protection & Security Services in Northern Minnesota

Whether your business in Crosby is a school, courthouse, refinery or entertainment venue, you should install first class security and safety technology. LVC Companies can help defend your workplace with the following services:

  • Fire Protection – To prevent irreparable fire damage to your commercial property in Crosby, our experts can install fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. We can also set up a state-of-the-art fire suppression system that self-activates if a fire breaks out.
  • Fire Alarms & Life Safety – To help evacuate your staff and clients when a fire occurs in your business in Crosby, we can install premium fire alarms in your commercial building. Our specialists can also help keep you safe with smoke control systems.
  • Security – To keep criminals from accessing and burglarizing your commercial property in Crosby, we can set up security systems such as access control panels, intruder alarms and video surveillance cameras. We can also provide your staff with locator and notification systems.

The Best Security & Fire Safety Systems

Whatever your line of work, the safety and security of your staff and your assets is of unparalleled importance. Reach out to LVC Companies today for first rate fire protection and security system services in the Crosby, MN area!

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