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Life Safety Services in Duluth, MN

Do you need fire protection, life safety and security services in Duluth?

Since 1982, LVC Companies has worked to protect commercial, industrial, institutional and government clients. Fires and break-ins can be devastating to any business in Duluth but our technologically advanced security systems will keep your staff and your clients safe from harm.

Fire Protection & Security Services in Northern Minnesota

Whether you’re the operator of a hospital, correctional facility, factory or college in Duluth, it’s important to have the best safety and security technology on the market. LVC Companies can assist you with the following services:

  • Fire Protection – Fires can devastate everything inside your building in Duluth but LVC offers various fire protection systems to minimize the damage. We can provide you with portable fire extinguishers, and we can install and perform maintenance on fire sprinkler systems. Our technicians can also upgrade you to self-activating fire suppression systems if you work in a high risk environment such as a restaurant or an auto body shop. If you work in a data center, our team can install a clean agent fire suppression system that won’t destroy electronics.
  • Fire Alarms & Life Safety – To ensure the life safety of your employees and customers in the event of a fire, we can install high-grade fire alarms in your commercial building in Duluth. Our engineers can also install advanced smoke control systems for you, which can prevent smoke entry into stairwells and elevators to provide those in your building a much better chance to escape when a fire breaks out.
  • Security – We know that the security of your company or institution in Duluth is of the utmost importance, and we can install video surveillance systems to help you monitor your property. Our team can also install access control panels to prevent trespass in high-risk areas of your building. If an intruder does enter your building, our technicians can install alarms which will instantly notify the authorities. We can also provide your institution with personal notification and locator systems, which may be especially useful in hospitals.

Top Tier Fire Safety & Security Systems

Nothing is more important than the life safety and security of your employees and customers. Call LVC Companies today for the best fire protection and security system services in the Duluth, MN area!

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