Managed Security Services

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Managed Security Services

If you’ve been seeking a reliable provider of managed security services for your business, LVC Companies would be honored to fill that role. By working with advanced security technology to perform proactive off-site resolutions to any issues, we can save your company time and money while providing services that you can consistently rely on.

Cutting-Edge Managed Security Services

LVC Companies provides managed security services to clients in the commercial, government, institutional, and industrial spaces. Our managed security practices allow for us to constantly monitor and protect the security technology on your properties, solving most problems with remote resolutions.

LVC’s experienced technicians can monitor and manage all video surveillance systems, intrusion alarms, and access control devices utilized by your business. We perform 24-hour off-site health monitoring to continually update your security technology and resolve issues as soon as they appear. Our monitoring software allows us to track system health, CPU and RAM usage, heat levels, and bandwidth. Any irregularities trigger our customer portal ticketing system, allowing our team to address the issue immediately.

Our managed security services provide a cost-effective solution for clients in all industries. You won’t have to schedule expensive, time-consuming on-site repair visits or worry about downtime when you work with us. Our technicians can perform remote resolution so that your security system is never left vulnerable to threats and your workplace isn’t disrupted by needless maintenance visits.

A Partner for Dependable Security System Monitoring & Resolutions

Are you ready to upgrade your business with innovative and comprehensive managed security services? Connect with LVC Companies today if you want to learn more about the benefits our managed security services can deliver.

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