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Fire, Life Safety and Security Services in Tempe, AZ

Do you require fire protection, life safety and security services in Tempe?

LVC Companies has been hard at work protecting industrial, commercial, government and institutional workplaces since 1982. A fire or a criminal break-in can cause terrible damage to your commercial building in Tempe but our premium life safety and security systems can minimize the threat.

Fire Safety & Security Services in the Valley of the Sun

Whether you oversee a rental property, warehouse, post office or museum in Tempe, you should be able to rest assured that you have top-of-the-line security and safety equipment. LVC Companies is able to provide you with these services:

  • Fire Protection – A fire is the worst thing that can happen to your workplace in Tempe, so let LVC reduce the damage as much as possible. We can supply you with both fire sprinkler systems and portable fire extinguishers. If you work in a manufacturing facility, a restaurant or somewhere else with a substantial fire risk, our team can install self-activating fire suppression systems. If your workplace is at risk of liquid pool fires, we can install an aqueous film forming foam suppression system.
  • Fire Alarms & Life Safety – It’s paramount that everyone can be evacuated swiftly if a fire occurs, so we can place top-tier fire alarms in your workplace in Tempe. Our technicians can also install smoke control systems, which can save lives by keeping smoke out of escape routes and areas where people may be trapped.
  • Security – No matter your business, it’s necessary to have reliable security systems at your workplace in Tempe. We can install both video surveillance systems and access control panels in your building to protect you against criminals. Our team can set up alarm systems to call the authorities automatically if a break-in occurs. We also supply locator and notification systems which can be used to monitor at-risk employees, children and patients with dementia.

The Best Fire Protection & Life Safety Systems

Keeping your staff and your clients safe and secure is one of the most important duties of any industry. Give LVC Companies a call today for high quality fire protection and security system services in the Tempe, AZ area!

LVC Companies also offers reliable structured cabling and commercial fire protection services for hospitals, commercial buildings, school districts, and other various facilities in Arizona. in AZ!

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