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Minnesota Hospital Fire Protection

Every hospital in Minnesota is at risk of devastation from fires. When a fire starts unexpectedly, it can result in severe damage and loss of life in a hospital. Because of this threat, it’s vital to ensure that your hospital building has been outfitted with top-tier fire protection systems.

Reliable Hospital Fire Protection Systems in MN

For over 40 years, LVC Companies has offered fire protection services to hospitals in Minnesota. Our advanced fire protection systems can protect your staff and patients if a fire breaks out in your hospital in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro, the Duluth area, Southern Minnesota or any other region of the state.

We can provide the following fire protection services to your hospital in Minnesota:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems – We can install fire sprinkler systems in your hospital to extinguish a fire swiftly and limit damages.
  • Pre-Engineered Systems – In the most vulnerable areas of your hospital, our technicians can install pre-engineered fire suppression systems, like a kitchen hood suppression system in your food preparation area.
  • Special Hazard Fire Suppression – In areas of your hospital where a normal sprinkler system may cause excess damage, our experts can install special hazard fire suppression systems like CO2 systems in vaccine storage rooms.
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers – Our company can provide portable fire extinguishers to your hospital that will allow your staff to manually suppress fires.

Along with setting up fire protection systems in your Minnesota hospital, our crew is able to conduct inspections, tests and maintenance to ensure that your fire protection systems are fully functional.

Dependable Fire Protection Systems for Hospitals

When you’re in charge of a hospital, it’s your duty to keep your patients and your employees safe in the event of a fire. Contact LVC Companies today for the best hospital fire protection services in Minnesota!

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