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Minnesota School District Fire Protection

Are you looking for a reliable fire protection service company for your school district in Minnesota?

Fires pose a severe threat to schools across Minnesota. If a fire breaks out, not only will it cause catastrophic damage to your building, it will also endanger the lives of your students and staff. Therefore, it’s paramount to make sure that your school district has the best possible fire protection systems installed.

Fire Protection Systems for Your MN School District

LVC Companies has provided fire protection services to school districts in Minnesota for more than 40 years. Whether your school district is located in the Twin Cities metro, the North Shore, Rochester or any other part of the state, our state-of-the-art fire protection systems can keep your students and staff safe in the event of a fire.

The fire protection services we can offer your Minnesota school district include the following:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems – Our technicians can install fire sprinkler systems in your school buildings in order to suppress a fire quickly and mitigate damage.
  • Pre-Engineered Systems – In high risk areas of your school district, our experts can install pre-engineered fire suppression systems such as a kitchen hood suppression system.
  • Special Hazard Fire Suppression – For parts of your school district where a standard sprinkler system may cause harm, our team can install special hazard fire suppression systems such as inert gas systems for libraries and computer labs.
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers – We can supply all of the schools in your district with portable fire extinguishers to allow staff members to combat fires by hand.

In addition to installing fire protection systems in your Minnesota school district, our specialists can also perform inspections, tests and maintenance to guarantee that your fire protection systems will function as intended if a fire occurs.

Reliable School District Fire Protection Systems

When you operate a school district, your top priority needs to be the safety of your students and staff. Give LVC Companies a call today for high-quality school district fire protection services in Minnesota!

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