How LVC’s Managed Security Services Can Benefit Your Business

No matter your industry, security services are a crucial part of your place of business. Every day, you rely on your security systems and the specialists who monitor them to protect your staff, your clientele, and your bottom line. Historically, security integrators have operated primarily in response to issues. This can result in unwanted downtime for your security systems and time-consuming disruptions to your workplace. Fortunately, LVC Companies had developed a better way: our innovative managed security services.

When you choose LVC as your security service provider, you’ll enjoy the benefits of proactive, cost-effective services. Continue reading if you’d like to learn more about how our managed security services can be valuable to your business.

Benefits of Our Managed Security Services

LVC’s managed security services program allows our experienced technicians to perform proactive security measures using advanced technology. Our specialists will install advanced health monitoring software for all of the security devices in your building, including video surveillance cameras, intrusion alarms, and access control systems.

Our software allows us to remotely monitor all aspects of your security and surveillance technology, including system health, bandwidth, heat levels, CPU usage, and RAM usage. We can set parameters for each of these aspects and, if one of your security systems reaches the threshold of these parameters, we’ll be alerted so that we can immediately take action to resolve the issue. Thanks to our remote resolution services, our technicians will often be able to solve the problem without an on-site visit.

For an example of how our remote resolution services work, let’s say one of your video surveillance cameras begins using up too much bandwidth. The sensor will send an alert to our security management team, at which point they’ll be able to remotely access the camera, determine what’s causing the excess bandwidth usage, and take steps to reduce bandwidth usage remotely. All of this will be handled as soon as the problem is identified; no need for days of downtime or an expensive on-site repair visit.

Another advantage of LVC’s managed services is that our technicians are proactive about remotely updating your security systems’ cybersecurity and other software. This keeps all of your security technology operating at maximum functionality and well-protected from cyberthreats without the need for costly on-site maintenance appointments.

Not only are our managed services convenient and time-conserving, they also bring significant savings to our clients. Beyond the expenses saved by our remote resolution services, our remote monitoring allows us to closely track the lifecycle of each security system on your property. By doing so, our experts can identify any inefficiencies among your security systems. We can then alert you to security hardware that uses an excessive amount of energy or breaks down consistently and recommend the best budget-friendly solution.

Upgrade Managed Security for Your Business

By remotely monitoring and resolving issues with your surveillance cameras, access control, intrusion alarms, and other security systems, we can bring you significant savings in both money and time. Contact LVC Companies today if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of our managed security services!

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