LVC’s Integrated Solutions A Perfect Fit For Modular Apartment Construction

LVC was tapped to provide a variety of fire and life safety, security, and communications solutions for RISE Modular’s new Eddi Apartments. Click Here or on the image above to watch a video of the construction process.


LVC Companies’ integrated solutions are a perfect fit for a variety of building and renovation projects, including modular apartment construction.

Apartment construction in Minnesota can prove challenging, due to inclement weather and a host of other factors. One innovative solution to these obstacles is modular construction—in which apartment units are prefabricated in a warehouse environment, then transported to the construction site and stacked atop one another to form a building.

Recently, LVC Companies partnered with Cal-Tex Electric and RISE Modular, a modular construction firm based in Minneapolis, to assist with the development of the Eddi Apartments, a 202-unit market rate apartment complex in Edina. When complete, it will be one of the largest commercial wood-frame modular projects in Minnesota and the United States. This is the third of such successful collaborations between LVC and RISE. Continue reading to learn about the integrated fire and life safety, security, and communications services that LVC is providing for this modular apartment construction project.

LVC’s Solutions for Modular Apartments
LVC was chosen to install a full range of fire and life safety, security, and communications technologies for RISE Modular’s Eddi Apartments, being built in Pentagon Park Village at the intersection of Highway 100 and West 77th Street. The six-story structure is being constructed with five stories of RISE-manufactured modules over a one-story concrete podium. Units will be a mix of studio, alcove, one- and two-bedrooms. After apartment units are delivered and installed at the construction site, LVC’s technicians went to work. The low-voltage systems we are installing include:

● Fire Alarm System – LVC technicians are setting up a Siemens FC922 252-point fire alarm system in the Eddi Apartments. This system includes alarm horns in both the bedroom and the living room of each apartment unit, ensuring that occupants will be promptly alerted in the event of a fire, giving them ample time to evacuate. Our fire alarm system is connected to an elevator recall system, which will activate to safely transport anyone using the elevator to ground level when a fire starts, ensuring they won’t be trapped.

● Structured Cabling – We’re also installing the structured cabling for TV and telephone lines throughout the modular apartment complex. Our technicians use Smurf tubing to run cables from the media panels in each apartment unit out to the corridors, connecting them to the infrastructure of the building.

The six-story, 202-unit apartment complex is one of the largest wood-frame modular projects in the United States.
LVC staff including (from left) Carlos Villafan, Ken Roberts, and David Wagstrom in action at the Eddi Apartments.

● Security Cameras – LVC is also installing a total of 35 Digital Watchdog CCTV video surveillance cameras throughout the complex. These strategically positioned cameras will play a crucial role in keeping tenants safe from intruders and other outside threats.

● Access Control System – LVC will establish an innovative ButterflyMX cloud-based access control system in the lobby. When a guest attempts to enter the building, a cloud notification will be sent to the resident they are visiting, who can then receive video confirmation of the guest’s identity.

● Emergency Communications Systems – Another important life safety solution which our technicians will be installing is an area of refuge two-way communications system, which residents will be able to make use of during an emergency. As an additional safety feature, we will be installing emergency phones in the elevator lobbies and beside the swimming pool, allowing tenants to quickly call 911.

Let LVC Help With Your Modular Construction Project
If you’ve been seeking a reliable company to install and manage integrated fire, life safety, and security systems for a modular construction project, we would be honored to fill that role. Contact LVC Companies today if you’d like to learn more about the services we can provide for your modular building–or any new construction, renovation, or tenant improvement project.

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