LVC’s Managed Services Take Security System Management to New Heights

Imagine working with a trusted business partner who can install life safety and security systems on your property, then continue to monitor and manage those systems for you. Such end-to-end service is exactly what you get with managed services from LVC Companies.

At LVC, we provide managed services to commercial, multi-tenant residential, industrial, institutional and government clients. Our managed services streamline the process of installing, monitoring and troubleshooting the safety and security systems that protect your property. Continue reading to learn how our managed services can benefit your business.

Benefits of Managed Services

LVC’s expert, certified technicians are trained to manage the following systems:

After installing these advanced systems for you, our technicians will take on their administration, providing patching and system updating, enroll them in our health monitoring and resolving any issues remotely. Benefits of LVC’s managed services include:

  • Unparalleled Expertise – Because of the current nationwide labor shortage, recruiting experienced IT personnel to perform monitoring and maintenance services can be very difficult. At LVC, our managed services are directly overseen by our Technical Services Group (TSG), which is composed of highly-skilled veteran technicians. Our TSG works remotely to make sure that your systems are online, updated and secure at all times.
  • Remote Support – One of the biggest hassles of working with a variety of service providers to perform inspections, maintenance and cybersecurity is that it results in a lot of comings and goings at your workplace. This also creates major cybersecurity risks because every different contractor installs their devices by their standards, without visibility to how the other devices are installed or guidance from general oversight. On top of that, most of our rival service providers charge transportation fees to come out to your commercial premises and additional labor fees for the time it takes to solve the problem. LVC’s managed services save you both time and money. Remote troubleshooting also enhances security for your facilities by limiting downtime compared to traditional on-site service models, which can takes weeks to resolve a problem. Our TSG technicians can resolve many issues remotely, removing those excess fees and reducing the downtime for your systems.
  • Better Cybersecurity – With the recent rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), strong cybersecurity is more important now than ever before. While communication between different life safety and security systems in your commercial building improves their cooperative functionality and makes it easier to retrieve analytics, it also opens up vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. While our competitors may install systems with no security plan in place, LVC’s managed services allow our TSG to carefully monitor these interconnected devices for any cyberthreats. If threats are detected, we can respond immediately to keep your business secure.
  • Consolidated IT & OT – Effectively managing security and life safety services requires an in-depth understanding of both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). LVC’s technicians are experts in both IT and OT, allowing us to set up, monitor and secure interconnected IT and OT networks. Through our managed services, we can keep your building’s IT and OT networks running smoothly and manage problems remotely, negating the need for you to bring in third-party IT or OT personnel.

Our Managed Services Can Help You

Our managed services save you the trouble of working with separate contractors for system installation, maintenance, monitoring and cybersecurity because we provide all of these services for you. Connect with LVC Companies today if you’d like to hire our managed services for your business!

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