New ANSUL CLEANGUARD+ Delivers Benefits of FK-5-1-12 Fire Suppression

ANSUL’s new CLEANGUARD+ portable fire extinguishers feature the fire-stopping yet environmentally friendly superpowers of FK-5-1-12 clean agent fire suppression. LVC Companies offers a full suite of industry leading fire protection products and is excited to add them to our lineup.

FK-5-1-12 offers numerous benefits for safeguarding both people and property. For starters, CLEANGUARD+ extinguishers are corrosion-resistant, electrically non-conductive, and residue-free (hence, no cleanup after discharge)—making them a perfect fit for facilities containing sensitive or irreplaceable equipment.

The low toxicity of FK-5-1-12 also allows it to be used in smaller spaces compared to other fire suppression agents. Plus, FK-5-1-12 has a low environmental impact, including zero ozone depletion potential and the lowest global warming potential of any chemical fire suppressant.

Let’s take a closer look at FK-5-1-12 and ANSUL CLEANGUARD+ extinguishers.

What is FK-5-1-12?
FK-5-1-12 is a state-of-the-art fire suppression agent designed to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently. It belongs to the family of clean agents, which are known for their ability to suppress fires without leaving behind any residue or harmful byproducts. FK-5-1-12 is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fire suppression agents that use chemicals like Halon, carbon dioxide and FM-200.

Benefits of FK-5-1-12
Environmentally Friendly
One of the most significant advantages of FK-5-1-12 is its environmental compatibility. It has zero ozone depletion potential and a short atmospheric lifespan (1 week), making it a sustainable choice for fire suppression. In a world where environmental concerns are at the forefront, FK-5-1-12 aligns perfectly with the goals of minimizing ecological impact.

High Efficiency
FK-5-1-12 is exceptionally effective in suppressing fires. It can extinguish flames quickly, preventing them from spreading and causing further damage. It works by rapidly reducing heat through absorption at the molecular level, thereby minimizing potential harm and property loss.

Safe for Building Occupants
Safety is a primary concern when dealing with fire suppression systems. FK-5-1-12 is non-toxic and safe for human exposure. When deployed, it does not produce harmful fumes, so building occupants can breathe normally while evacuating, without risking respiratory issues or other health problems.

Unlike some other fire suppression agents, FK-5-1-12 leaves no residue after discharge. This is a crucial advantage for businesses and industries that rely on sensitive equipment, as there is no risk of damage or contamination from leftover suppression agent. Downtime is minimal, so facility operations can resume quickly.

Versatile Performer
FK-5-1-12 is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including data centers, museums, medical facilities, and more. It’s safe for use around valuable or sensitive equipment and materials, as it won’t cause corrosion or other damage.

In the long run, FK-5-1-12 can be a cost-effective choice for fire suppression. Its effectiveness at quickly extinguishing fires can help limit damage and downtime, potentially saving businesses substantial amounts in recovery and restoration costs.

Regulatory Compliance
FK-5-1-12 is compliant with various national and international fire protection standards and regulations—including the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act of 2020—making it a safe and reliable choice for businesses aiming to meet legal requirements.

Available Options
The CLEANGUARD+ family includes models CA03, CA07, CA13, and CA14-NM. All feature similar hardware to ANSUL’s legacy CLEANGUARD products and have QR coded model and UL/ULC serial numbers to simplify inspection and maintenance recordkeeping.

The CA13 model has the same diameter as the SENTY 10S shell, making it a great fit for fire extinguisher cabinets. Meanwhile, the CA14-NM has a 7.0 TESLA rating and sports a short stature ideal for limited space applications.

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