Portable Fire Extinguisher Annual Maintenance: Why It’s Important

Portable fire extinguisher maintenance is important to ensure extinguishers are in working order and meet fire code requirements. Portable fire extinguishers are a critical component of fire safety. Often referred to as the first line of defense against fire, they provide a quick and effective means of stopping small fires before they get out of control.

Annual fire extinguisher maintenance requires the services of a trained and certified technician who has the proper tools, listed parts, and appropriate manufacturer’s service manual. Maintenance of fire extinguishers should not be confused with inspection, which is a quick check of the extinguishers that is performed at least every 30 days.

Because the detailed maintenance procedures for various extinguisher types and models differ, the specific procedures specified within service manuals need to be followed. That’s why it’s essential to have fire extinguishers serviced annually by certified professionals like LVC Companies.

LVC provides fire extinguisher maintenance in Minnesota, from offices in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Hibbing, Duluth, International Falls, Moorhead, and Rochester. LVC also provides fire extinguisher maintenance in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area.

We are a member of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and NAFED (National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors). Our service technicians are NFPA-, NAFED-, and factory-trained and certified. They adhere to a comprehensive maintenance checklist to ensure every component of your portable fire extinguishers is operational and up to code.

Such attention to detail in fire extinguisher annual maintenance offers numerous benefits, including:

Ensure proper operation in case of emergency: LVC technicians check that the fire extinguisher is functioning correctly and that the pressure gauge is reading accurately.

Meet code requirements: Most states require that fire extinguishers be serviced annually to meet fire code requirements. This helps to ensure that the fire extinguisher is readily available when needed.

Inspection tags show the date of the last annual maintenance. Most states require yearly fire extinguisher service to meet fire code requirements.

Prevent malfunctions: Regular maintenance helps to prevent malfunctions, such as a clogged nozzle or a broken safety pin. Our technicians check for and repair these issues before they become a problem.

Replacement of expired fire extinguishers: Some fire extinguishers have a limited lifespan, typically 5-12 years depending on the type. LVC technicians can identify and replace expired extinguishers.

Recordkeeping: During annual maintenance, the LVC technician will document service and inspection of the fire extinguisher. This documentation can be useful in case of an insurance claim or if there is an inspection by local authorities.

Bottom line? Fire extinguisher annual maintenance is essential to ensure the units are functioning correctly and ready to use in case of an emergency. And it’s critical to have fire extinguishers serviced by a certified professional to meet code requirements, prevent malfunctions, replace expired extinguishers, and keep proper records.

LVC’s portable fire extinguisher services include sales, service, re-charging, maintenance, and hands-on live-fire training. Contact us for more information or to schedule your fire extinguisher annual maintenance today.

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