Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Maintenance: Why It Matters

Fire sprinkler inspection, maintenance and repair is critical to ensure your fire sprinkler system is in working order and up to code.

The importance of fire sprinkler systems can’t be overstated. Every year, fires cause significant loss of property and lives, making fire safety a top priority for buildings and facilities. Fire sprinklers play a crucial role in preventing fires from spreading—thereby saving lives, reducing property damage, and limiting lost revenue due downtime for commercial businesses—which is why regular inspection and maintenance of fire sprinklers is essential.

LVC Companies’ licensed, expert sprinkler inspectors and fitters can help with all aspects of fire sprinkler system inspection, maintenance and repair.

LVC provides fire sprinkler services in Minnesota. Our offices and coverage include the Twin Cities metropolitan area, St. Cloud, Hibbing, Duluth, International Falls, Moorhead, and Rochester. LVC also provides fire sprinkler service in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and Fargo, North Dakota. Due to our nationwide network of fire sprinkler fitters in the United Association’s Sprinkler Fitters Local 669, we are also happy to install and maintain fire sprinkler systems across the United States.

The Importance of Fire Sprinkler Inspection
Fire sprinkler inspection is a critical part of fire safety. An inspection can identify any issues that may prevent the system from functioning properly in the event of a fire and ensure that the system meets local and national fire codes. Some common issues that can be identified during an inspection include:

Obstructions of the system

Corrosion or degradation

Leaks or damage to pipes and fittings

Issues with the water supply

Malfunctioning valves or alarms

By addressing these issues during regular inspections, building owners and managers can reduce the risk of fire-related damage and minimize the chances of a fire spreading.

Corrosion is a perennial problem in both wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems.

Fire Code Requirements for Inspection
Local and national fire codes specify the frequency and type of inspection required for fire sprinkler systems. These codes are updated regularly to ensure that buildings and facilities meet the latest fire safety standards.

Typically, fire codes require at least an annual inspection of fire sprinkler systems, as well as semi-annual or quarterly inspections. In addition to the annual inspection, an internal inspection is required every five years. This inspection includes a complete examination of all components of the fire sprinkler system.

As an added convenience for property owners and managers, LVC’s Total Compliance Management program (TCM) coordinates and consolidates required inspections of multiple fire and life safety systems, including fire sprinklers. TCM also archives inspection records and tracks corrective measures so you don’t have to. This documentation is extremely valuable in case of an insurance claim or if there is an inspection by state or local authorities.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance
Regular maintenance of fire sprinklers is equally important to ensure that the system is working properly and is ready to respond in the event of a fire. Some common maintenance tasks include:

Checking for any leaks or damage to pipes and fittings

Replacing or repairing damaged or missing sprinkler heads

Flushing the system to remove any debris

Testing the alarm and water supply systems

Building owners and property managers should also be aware of any changes to local and national fire codes that may impact the maintenance requirements for their fire sprinkler system.

In the end, regular inspection and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems is crucial to ensure that they will work correctly in the event of a fire. By following fire code requirements and maintaining the system, building owners and managers can reduce the risk of fire-related loss of life and property damage, and minimize the chances of a fire spreading. To ensure the safety of people and property in your care, it is essential to schedule regular fire sprinkler inspections and to perform any necessary maintenance tasks promptly.

LVC’s fire sprinkler services include design, installation, improvements, testing and service. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation or service visit today.

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